Project’s name : ETZ2

Duration of the work : 1 year and half

Project’s description : Large surface and multi-storey warehouse (R+4). Largest AMAZON warehouse in France.

Uses of NEXT-BIM : 

For Construction : Checking the passage of hoppers, network installations and the process

Opinion about the solution: Immersive solution that leaves project engineers and clients in awe

Project’s name : EMMA

Duration of the work : 2 years

Project’s duration : Extension of the offices of the GSE headquarters in Avignon

For Construction ? Verification of the model as built.

For Maintenance ? Customer demonstrator: immerse our customers in augmented reality and show them our know-how (demonstrator not yet in use).

Project’s name : SNCF VENISSIEUX

Duration of the work : 3 years

Project’s description : SNCF Technicentre and offices

For Construction ? Customer demonstration of Augmented Reality