NEXT-BIM use cases

From design phase,
Immersive project reviews
and collaborative

NEXT-BIM allows anyone to instantly immerse themselves in the BIM model with a HoloLens 2 mixed reality headset, making the understanding of the project immediate no matter how complex it is. The user can then move freely inside the virtual building. With a gesture, or with voice commands, he can activate a range of tools allowing him to analyze the project in detail and to bring his annotations, that will be exported at the end of the immersion session.

Moreover, thanks to the Pilot / Passenger(s) mode, based on a unique technology developed by NEXT-BIM allowing to synchronize several HoloLens 2 helmets via a local network achievable with a simple cell phone, the design reviews can be carried out in collaborative mode, whatever the place. This makes it possible to involve in the decisions all the actors of the project, whatever their profiles, and without any training.

They use NEXT-BIM for design :


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