Our offers

Our mission? To adapt our solution to your needs.

Choose the NEXT-BIM solution that’s right for you !

The NEXT-BIM solution is available in the form of annual software licenses. Payment of the annual fee entitles the user to use the software in the selected configuration, to receive corrective and upgradeable updates, and to receive a remote support service.

3 standard configurations are proposed.

Apart from these configurations, our sales department is at your disposal to study the one that best suits your needs.


NEXT-BIM Converter* – “unlimited conversion of large IFC files”.

NEXT-BIM Explorer Pilot** – “Immersive mixed reality exploration of 1:1 scale BIM models. Automatic, accurate and marker-free overlay of the BIM model on the real environment. Add annotations and export to BCF format “.

NEXT-BIM Explorer Passenger***  – “Immersive mixed-reality exploration of 1:1 scale and scaled-down BIM models in synchronization with a NEXT-BIM Explorer Pilot license”.

Other configuration ?

No offer corresponds to your expectations? ask to be contacted by one of our NEXT-BIM consultants !