Project’s name : URBAN GARDEN

Duration of the work 1.5 year, start date : 2019

Project’s description : Design and construction project for a tertiary building bringing together all of the ENGIE Solutions entities in Lyon

Use of NEXT-BIM : 

For Design ? No, but we could have done it too if we had arrived and integrated earlier into the project :

For Construction ? Yes. The NEXT-BIM software coupled with an internal process for managing clashes and modifications made it possible to:

  • Better prepare the work (virtual tours of the flow of aeraulic and hydraulic networks, Understanding / acceptance of the future work to be carried out, Reporting of defects in civil engineering / concrete reservations, etc.),
  • Build better (Carry out site reviews with sub-contractors, Clearly identify assembly errors and report them to the BE to find workaround solutions, Follow site progress more closely, View missing information on paper, Call a remote expert for real-time assistance, etc …)

For Operations ? No, not on this project but we could easily implement it; Problem = ENGIE is not the Facility Manager for this building.

Solution Reviews :

Very enthusiastic.

This NEXT-BIM solution saves significant time on construction and ensures increased quality of the work to be monitored and carried out.

It now remains to be able to change morals because despite everything, the site teams are still “old school” and are quite resistant to new digital tools …